Shazarahel is the author of the book “Jewish DNA, Genetics and Kabbalah” (already in its fourth edition), and “Food beyond matter; the Kabbalistic secrets of the Jewish Passover meal”. She has also created a photographic collection in several volumes entitled “Israel in detail…”

Together with a team of doctors, scientists and researchers, she has founded the magazine “Madaat”, a space open to any type of leading-edge scientific study and alternative medicine. A virtual place for dialog between scientific and humanistic disciplines, between modern science and ancient mystical-religious doctrines.

Currently she is working on a major project: the construction of Kabbaland, an eco-village and center for comparative studies between science and the Torah, near Jerusalem.

Shazarahel is also a conference organizer. She holds seminars in Italy, France and Israel.









Kabbalart, past and future

Kabbalart uses the visual arts as an intuitive and immediate access road to the esoteric secrets of Jewish mysticism hidden in the sacred text, through the letters, the analogy of their forms, and the application of esoteric alpha-numeric techniques to the Hebrew words that the letters compose and recompose.

While she often addresses issues dear to Judaism, Shazarahel also proposes a universal reflection on the new challenges of the modern era, centered on the dialog between science and the wisdom of the ancient Teachers. In this sense, even at a technical level, Shazarahel presents herself as a connecting bridge between different eras, between the old and the new, between the past and the future: the nostalgia for a glorious painterly past that echoes in her canvases ( evoking the paintings of the Great Masters like the Pre-Raphaelites, Caravaggio, Dali, Esher) merges with the utopia of the modern world and the world of the future.


24.9-5.11.2015 Gerusalemme Biennale

Mostre personali

28.4-16.5.2008 “Arte e Kabbalah” , Museo HaTanakh, Tel Aviv

7.2009 “Arte, Web e Kabbalah” , Centro culturale francese, Gerusalemme

22.9-31.10.2010 “Peh el peh”, Shimshon Beit Shmuel Center, Gerusalemme

2-4.5.2011 “Kabbalart”, Palazzo Bagnaro, Napoli


My Contact Information

Mobile: (+972) 52 86 00 926
Email: kabbaland@gmail.com


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