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My name is Shazarahel, and I’m an Italo-Israeli artist, writer and speaker. Together with a group of other people, including doctors and scientists, I am working on a revolutionary project with no historical precedent: building an ecovillage in the woodlands around Jerusalem, a completely alternative model of society based on Kabbalistic principles, that will play the role of a mediator in the peace-making process in Israel and the Middle East.

We have already chosen the land, and we anticipate being able to obtain the construction permits we need, and the Manifesto and legal draft for the Ecovillage have already been written.

Now we need to source EUR 30,000 to complete the architectonic design and implement the marketing plan. Once this first milestone has been reached, the entire plan will be able to be directly viewed on the web, and we will be able to present it to potential investors so we can move on with purchasing the land and constructing the buildings.

Anyone who contributes at least 1000 dollars shall have a stone in the Kabbaland center dedicated in their name…and a great many stones are needed to erect a building. Why don’t you, too, become a living stone in Kabbaland?

All those who contribute less than 1000 dollars will receive an e-book with our grateful acknowledgment. Thank you for your kind assistance!



A New Society on a kabbalistic model

Kabbaland is a way of rethinking and reinventing the world.

Kabbaland occupies both a physical and virtual space, inhabited by a community of diverse people united in a single aim: to create the future by giving shape to what we hope it will be. It is the manifestation of a collective dream we must work together to realize: a new society based on the sephirotic tree. Inside the village, any concept of private property shall be prohibited: the antiquated monetary system shall be replaced by a system of free access to communal assets and resources.

Kabbaland undertakes to apply Kabbalistic theories within a human society. Kabbaland is striving to be a laboratory for testing a new model for society, offering alternative and effective responses to the serious generational crises we have been witnessing. In so doing, Kabbalah study will cease being a mere intellectual exercise focused on abstract concepts, and become the solution itself to dynamics internal to society and to any human reality.

COMPARATIVE RESEARCH CENTER for scientific and Kabbalistic studies

Kabbaland is also a large scientific and spiritual research and training center, where a team of doctors, scientists, rabbis and Torah scholars are working together to advance comparative studies of science, medicine and Torah, laying the foundations for a medicine of the future which will integrate the many different dimensions of the “humaniverse”, including those that comprise various mystical and spiritual doctrines of religious groups, and which aspires to fulfil the promises of our Prophets: elimination of all diseases and a final victory over death.

Medicine of the future

Kabbaland is a clinic where people can go to recover their physical and spiritual health through practice of various natural and alternative therapies. A kind of “hospital for maladies of the soul”, aiming to awaken the consciousness and integrally develop the human being.

Center for Kabbalistic Studies

One of Kabbaland’s objectives is to disseminate the Jewish Kabbalah, considered to be a divine science for decoding reality. This objective will be attained through progressive and systematic courses of study, open to everyone, without distinction.

Kabbalart Experiential Center

Inside this center’s Kabbalistic architectonic structures, a great virtual walking tour (created by a group of select artists) will allow visitors to interactively and three-dimensionally experience the worlds of the Sephirot and the core concepts of the Jewish Kabbalah. The Kabbaland center will also offer sites for artwork displays, media installations, concerts, etc.

Center for Messianic Peace

Kabbaland is a place where adherents of different religions, followers of various movements and ideologies, can meet with one another. Here, we will sponsor seminars and initiatives intended to foster dialogue between various cultures and religions.

Desert and meditation time

Various tabernacles distributed throughout the Ecovillage’s green space – with no electrical power supply or communication system – will be made available to those who wish to spend some time in the desert, in the silence, to rediscover who they are.

Hospitality and relations with the outside world

Kabbaland offers food service and a number of rooms for sleeping that are set aside for students, guests and tourists. To pay for services, Kabbaland uses an internal virtual monetary system.

It is critical that Kabbaland be built in Israel, where war and hatred are still shedding rivers of blood. Kabbaland will contribute to creating and spreading a new culture of peace and harmony among people of diverse races, religions and ideologies.

Help us create the future of universal peace that humanity seeks, the peace that generations of Jews, Christians and Moslems so long for!

If you cannot help us with a financial contribution, then please help us by spreading awareness of this project among your friends! 

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