Adam miAdamah (Dust from soil)

oil on canvas, 70×50 cm


"Afar min hadamah" - Dust from soil

“Afar min hadamah” – Dust from soil


“… Because H” had not sent rain on the earth and there was no man to work the ground” (Genesis 2:5)

This picture illustrates that the creation of the first man, Adam, from the dust of the ground, was created with only two colors: blue and sienna earth.

These two colors express the two dimensions in which man was formed: the man is a mix of matter-earth and sky-divinity. The still arid land from which man was created, has been made flexible by the Divine Word.

We see the creation of man that goes out from the dunes of the desert in the fetal position. Its umbilical cord is the channel of communication with the matrix above.




The Queen Esther with the ten sons of Aman

oil on canvas, 100×140 cm


The Queen Esther with the ten sons of Aman

The Queen Esther with the ten sons of Aman

In this big picture, we see the Queen Esther with the ten sons of Aman hanged as puppets to the ten fingers of her seductive hands: ten is a reference to the ten Commandments and the ten sefirot.

The framework gives us access to many esoteric secrets that are hidden in Meghillat Esther.

The jewels are made of pure gold.



The Artist 

oil on canvas, 60×90 cm

oil on canvas, 60x90 cm

The Artist

 What is an artist?

I got the idea from a 10 years girl to which I asked: “What would you paint on the Playmobil-artist canvas?”

Thus was born the chain of self-portrait inside the other, or rather to his representations of the image and likeness, which move in two directions: inwards, until the primitive model (the tetragrammaton human shaped), and outwards, involving the artist and the Author of the same artist… the Divine Artist.



Qav (Ari zal) 

oil on canvas, 26×140 cm


Qav (Ari zal) - THE LINE

Qav (Ari zal) – THE LINE


“After the withdrawal of G-D – after which that place was free, empty, vacuous and hollow right in the middle of the light of En sof derived a straight line coming down from the light of his circle, and lowered down from above in that hollow … “(Etz Haiym, Haiym Vital)

To understand the contents of this picture that unfortunately, as it always happens, it loses much of its beauty and strength in the photograph, you need a good knowledge of lurian Kabbalah.



Pessah (Passover)

oil on canvas, 70×100 cm



In this context we see the Red Sea (Yam suf) divided in two by a Sefer Torah completely unwound: on this Sefer’s paper small letters are the Jews who left the Egypt who write with their own tiny bodies, the text of the Torah until the Shirat Hayam.

This picture contains many esoteric secrets whose reading requires good study basis of the kaballistic concepts.



The three monotheistic religions

oil on canvas, 100×140 cm


 The three monotheistic religions

The three monotheistic religions

This picture is a summary of the theory of Rav Eliahu Munk and the writings of Rav Eliahu Benamozeg, according to which the three monotheistic religions are the three sefirotic pillars: Judaism, mother -religion, is Keter, it comes out from the Holy, Blessed be He, also the median point of equilibrium between the two forces. Christianity is the right pillar, Hessed, the attribute of love (WHITE). Islam is the left pillar, Din, attribute of Justice and the penalty (RED).

The three sefirot are also associated to the three neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

However, the Sufi immam wears in white (even in Islam is mercy) and the bishop wears in black and red (Christianity, in turn, also presents characters of rigor and intransigence).



Petil tekelet (blue wire)

acrylic on canvas, 25×50 cm


On the board of the Tallit are written two verses of Tefilà:

“Bring us together again from the four corners of the earth” (Amidà)

“Make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments” (Shema Israel):

The Masters say that the heavens are the Tallit of the Holy, Blessed be He. When G-D brings together Jews scattered to the four corners of the globe in the Land of Israel, it is as if you were wrapping his Tallit. The blue wire of its Tzi-Tzit follows the path of the Jordan River, and its nodes correspond to the Lake Kinneret (Tiberias) and the Dead Sea. This picture contains many esoteric secrets whose reading requires good study basis of the kaballistic concepts.

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