Tal (dew)

oil on canvas, 100×70 cm

oil on canvas, 100x70 cm

Tal (dew)


“Twenty-two letters: He carved them, He balanced them, He exchanged them, He combined them, and with them He formed the soul of all creation and the soul of everything that is formed and all that is intended to be formed”

Sefer Yetzirah

This picture took 8 months of work. No less than 8 months of my life I have thrown them into this painting so that the persona who looks at it in just few minutes can receive a summary of 15 years of study of the Torah and the Kabbalah: in this painting we deploy the process of creation through the Word of G-d, which is a combination of letters starting from the silence.

Some letters are linked to other words to make up 6 words of the Book of Genesis, as many atoms are joined to one another to create the chemical elements and molecules. For example, the atoms that contain the higher cosmic energies that give life to the dew, are the letters Tet and Lamed.

Tal is also the name of G-D with which, according to the Masters of the Jewish tradition, the dead will be raised.



Olam hanikudim (the world of the points)

oil on wood


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