Kabbalah and Technology


Epoch-making revolution!

immortalized in art the epoch-making revolution brought about by technology.

Greetings, everyone, my name is Shazarahel, and I am an Israeli artist with Italian roots.

I have founded Kabbalart, a new art form seeking to reconcile ancient Kabbalistic wisdom with modern science.

I am creating a series of pictorial works that will immortalize, in art, the epoch-making revolution brought about by technology. These artworks will also show the deep link between the binary code and the electronic process lying at the basis of digital technology and the esoteric concepts of the Jewish Kabbalah.

These works will be displayed in a single exhibit that I hope will travel around the world to enlighten public consciousness as to this great revolution that is underway.

To create the works that this exhibit intends to include for 2015, I have urgent need of around 20,000 Euros which will allow me to work for 10 months with no interruptions. Once the objective has been reached, I will publish photos of the works I have completed, and all those who have contributed at least 1000 dollars will get a print of one of the pictures, authenticated with my own signature. The first four who will donate at least 3000 dollars, I will send a gift in my original painting.

Everyone who makes a contribution, however, will receive a copy of my e-book in grateful acknowledgment.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind assistance!

thanks to all who help to make some noise about my campaign.


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